Tuesday, October 3, 2023

10 killed due to heavy rain in Balochistan

The death toll in Balochistan rose from four to ten as a direct result of severe rain that lashed the region and caused flooding in a number of cities.

According to the authorities, at least six people passed away and thirteen more were injured as a result of rain-related incidents that occurred a day earlier in various districts of Balochistan, including the capital of the province, Quetta.

According to Levies authorities, the body of a miner who had been washed away in a Mach flood was located today as the rain continued to fall. The miner had been swept away in the flood.

According to the sources, five mine workers have washed away when a flood occurred; one of them passed tragically, two of them were rescued, and the search for the other two mine workers is still ongoing.

According to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PMDA), a shepherd and his flock of approximately two hundred animals have been swept away in a flood in the area of Toba Achakzai.

According to the PMDA, the body of the shepherd has been found, and all of the animals have also been found to have perished away.

More than one hundred homes, gardens, and fields were damaged as a result of the floods in Tooba Kakri, Pishin, and Qilla Saifullah, according to the authority.

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The PMDA issued a warning that the areas will continue to be battered by the heavy rains and that situations similar to flooding would also persist.

In addition, there were five persons washed away in a flood in Nasirabad; one of them passed tragically, two were rescued, and the search for the fifth person is still ongoing.

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